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Returns Management

Returns Management (RMS©) or Reverse Logistics, is the process of moving goods from the end consumer for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal.

The management of returns is often the forgotten part of the supply chain, and the costs are often hidden. Credit requests are slow and cumbersome, with piles of paperwork being created to process claims.

Supply-LINQ can streamline the handling of returns by consolidating product handling and creating information through data collection to reduce overall management of returns through the use of specialised software and barcode scanners. Data can be provided for management to use and analyise to assist in improving the management of returns and reducing cost.

In the retail sector, it is the managing of returns from consumers back to the original supplier. The returned goods could be either destroyed or some value created though recycling, re-furbishment or disposition through an alternative retail channel.

Through a strategic alliance, Supply-LINQ can provide returns services using internet based software to help manage your returns.

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