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Contract Warehousing

Contract Warehouse can also be referred to as Out-Sourcing or 3rd Party Logistics Services (3PL).

Outsourcing the warehousing process, allows the customer to concentrate on their core business – thereby increasing their return on assets, reducing costs, removing labour risks, and improving customer service.

As a specialist logistics provider, Supply-LINQ manages a number of its customer's Contract Logistics requirements. The combined industry knowledge and experience helps to provide flexible solutions in warehousing and transport through the use of a computerised warehouse management system (WMS) that can be tailored to each customer's requirements.

Whether your needs are great or small, Supply-LINQ can provide a wide range of Supply Chain Services, including Customs Clearance, Transport, FRM© and Order Pick and Pack. These services can be integrated into contract warehousing solutions.

Warehouse Management System

A Warehouse Management System (WMS), is a key part of the supply chain system. You might even describe it as the legs at the end-of-the line which automates the store, traffic and shipping management. It aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process associated warehouse transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking. A WMS can direct and optimise stock putaway based on real-time information utilisation.

WMS often utilise Data Capture technology, such as barcode scanners, and mobile computers, to efficiently monitor the flow of products.

Supply-LINQ’s WMS receives and accepts files electronically from its contract warehousing customers in real time. Customers can also ‘look up’ information and create reports on-line and email these reports to themselves using Supply-LINQ’s WMS. The WMS can also transfer transport data seamlessly to external transport providers, reducing both cost and errors.

WMS Process Diagram


Supply-LINQ's niche is in detailed pick and pack, using technology to process and manage inventory and orders on behalf of its customers. Accuracy is very high.

Contract Warehousing can range from the provision of basic warehousing services such as receiving, storing and despatching pallets with minimal record keeping - to more sophisticated warehousing services involving the provision of a WMS with detailed inventory and record management, picking and packing to unit level using radio frequency (RF) scanners.

Supply-LINQ's competitive advantage is operating multi-customer warehouses where our customers only pay for the labour they use and have the benefit of shared services. Supply-LINQ can move fully trained staff between its customers and can provide shared receiving, dispatching, stock control and other warehouse services. Supply-LINQ provides its customers with reduced costs and provides flexibility in busy periods. Supply-LINQ can provide growing customers with room to expand.


Fulfilment services describes the rapidly growing area of mail order and internet retailers (e-tailers) which require orders to be picked to individual customer level.

This is a very specialised area where customer service is paramount. Issues of accuracy, order turnaround and delivery are very important as orders are picked and generally delivered to the customer’s homes.

Supply-LINQ currently provides fulfilment services for both mail order and internet retailers.

Cross Docking

Cross Docking is the practice of unloading materials from an incoming truck and then loading these materials in outbound trailers, with little or no storage in between. Cross Docking is used to decrease inventory storage by streamlining the flow between the supplier and the manufacturer.

Many Cross Docking operations require large staging areas where inbound materials are consolidated and stored until the outbound shipment is complete and ready to ship. If the staging takes hours or a day, the operation is usually referred to as a "cross-dock". If it takes several days or even weeks the operation is usually considered a warehouse.

Supply-LINQ has managed cross docking facilities for major retailers including Rebel Sport, Myer and Target.

Cross Docking Diagram

Transport Management

Often contract warehousing customers require a ‘one stop’ shop or complete logistics service with delivery to the final customer.

Supply-LINQ provides innovative and tailor made transport solutions through an on-line Freight Management System for many of its FRM© and Contract Warehousing customers. These services include air freight, wharf cartage, express freight, parcel deliveries, road and rail freight services. It has resulted in reduced costs and increased quality of service to customers.

Supply-LINQ currently operates delivery vehicles from small delivery trucks to semi-trailers.

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