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Floor Ready Merchandise

FRM© - The system of preparing goods for retail through performing value adding processes such as barcoding, price marking, placing apparel on hangers, security tagging, and using scanning technology to create electronic invoices. This reduces overall supply chain costs and minimises manual handling.

Through these electronic processes, goods are placed on the shop floor quickly, thereby improving service levels to the retailers and their customers, with minimal work being performed by the retailer’s employees.

Supply-LINQ is the largest provider of Floor Ready Merchandise (FRM©) Services in Australia - providing FRM© services to retail suppliers ranging from apparel, fashion accessories, cosmetics, footwear, giftware, food and electronic goods

Electronic Trading

Electronic Trading is also referred to as eCommerce, eBusiness or B2B, and is the process of businesses trading electronically with each other. It removes manual and paper processes and replaces them with electronic transactions, thereby improving the efficiency of the supply chain.

Supply-LINQ provides electronic trading links for its customers nationally to all the major retailers in Australia and selected overseas retailers.

Electronic Trading Diagram

Scan Packing

Scan Packing is the foundation of (FRM©) - it reduces paper in the system through the use of Electronic Trading.

Goods are packed to individual retail store level, using a barcode scanner. This process significantly reduces picking errors, as each barcode is scanned and then packed.

Supply-LINQ is the largest provider of scan packing services in Australia to retailers including Myer, David Jones, Target, Kmart, Harris Scarfe, Rebel Sport, Adairs, and Big W.

Value Added Services

Retailers require goods to arrive at their stores in the shortest time period, at the lowest cost to them – shelf ready – ensuring minimal effort at store level.

Value Added Services (VAS) is a term that describes the range of services that enhance the movement of goods from supplier to retail shelf, and includes the following services:

  1. security tagging
  2. price labelling
  3. placing apparel on hangers
  4. making up kits
  5. scan packing merchandise into cartons
  6. managing eCommerce (EDI) messages for orders and invoicing
  7. provision of quality assurance services

Supply-LINQ provides Value Added Services (VAS) to both retailers and their suppliers. Customers include Myer, Target, The Reject Shop and Adidas.

Value Adding in the Supply Chain (Click to enlarge)

Vale Adding

Transport Services

Transport - the final physical step in the supply chain where goods are delivered to the retailer. Transport services are an important part of the FRM© package as retailer delivery windows must be met.

Supply-LINQ provides innovative and tailor made transport solutions through an on-line freight management system for many of its FRM© and Contract Warehousing customers. Supply-LINQ consolidates deliveries by pallet and truck load, reducing costs to customers, improving delivery service and accuracy.

Deliveries may be made to retailer Distribution Centres (Cross Docking) - or delivered direct to the store.

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