Logistics Information

Benefits of Outsourcing Logistics Services

Corporate Benefits

  • Ability to divest non-core activities without divesting control
  • Improves cash flow and return on assets
  • Release of Capital and Senior Management resources to concentrate on core activities
  • A distribution system that adds value to the manufacturing and marketing operations
  • A strategic partnership with a company whose core activity is logistics
  • A platform to enable alliances with retailers to be built through POS data back to client
  • The flexibility to respond quickly to changing market trends without major disruptions to distribution operations

Operational Benefits

  • Flexibility to increase output throughput for peak periods
  • Defined service levels through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Reduces labour risks
  • Complex picking tasks managed more efficiently through the application of technology
  • Productivity gains through application of technology
  • FRM© services including scan packing can be managed better by a specialist
  • Economies of scale through sharing resources with others
  • Local presence for international companies

Information Benefits

  • Real time integration of distribution systems into 'host' system leading to accurate and timely data reporting
  • Operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easily captured and reported
  • Actvity based benchmarking
  • Total logistics costs are clearly identified

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